We play professionally, not casually

It’s not just reaching the end that counts.
It’s completing the objective that matters.

TwoPlayer is a consulting agency developing integrated brand strategies, focused on creative & sustainable innovation.

No one is interested in paying for effort; neither should you. Let us develop the tactics that’ll secure the win. There’s a reason why over 20+ brands have chosen to play with us.

We play professionally, not casually

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    Johnathan Chen

    Co-founder / Chief strategist

    Johnathan is the Co-Founder & Chief Strategist for TwoPlayer. He loves the ability to innovate, which has lead him to do everything from starting his own non-profit to writing a children’s book. He also really likes dinosaurs and when we say like, we mean “watched-jurassic-park-so-many-times-the-VCR-tape-broke” kind of like.




    Tiffany Zhang

    Co-founder / Creative director

    Tiffany is the Co-Founder & Creative Director for TwoPlayer. A child at heart, she dove into the world of toy design. Tech was an industry that she was always immersed in and not long after, she pursued UI/UX design. She can’t function without coffee, loves to travel around the world and collects enough stuffed animals where any 6-year-old girl would be jealous.



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