Killer Burger Banner

The Project

Based in the Pacific Northwest with locations in Oregon, Washington and Idaho but rapidly expanding, in conjunction with 5&5 and Two Hours Sleep, TwoPlayer was excited to work with Killer Burger to bring its iconic burger brand to life with a newly designed website. The Killer Burger team wanted to highlight their mouth watering photography, make finding a location easy for online ordering and directional capabilities and promote their franchise opportunities to new investors among other highlights.

  • Killer Burger
  • Website Design
  • Digital Experience
  • Winter 2021


Analyzing the current project

A Killer Burger fan favorite is their Peanut Butter Pickle Bacon Burger. TwoPlayer added this menu focus to the homepage of the website to draw users in at the start of their website journey. Throughout the website, the Killer Burger team desired to redirect users to order their favorites from Olo, their online ordering provider for pick-up or delivery.

Web design

Immersive storytelling.

TwoPlayer wanted users to feel as if they were stepping into a Killer Burger restaurant for a juicy burger and cold local beer as they scrolled through each landing page. From the brand design elements carefully selected for each section to video highlights, users are immersed in the Killer Burger experience.

Mobile Design