RSCHire, which stands for Restaurant Support Center, is exactly that. RSCHire was created after discovering the need for talented resources to accomplish a variety of day-to-day projects for boutique restaurants. The life of a restaurant owner and manager can be chaotic, challenging, and stressful. RSCHire aims to alleviate that stress so the business can focus on what they enjoy most.

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The problem

The freelancing space, while expansive, hasn’t had many opportunities to connect with businesses within a very specific industry. RSCHire finds talent who have lived and breathed the Food & Beverage industry, and connect them to brands who need assistance. 

RSCHire saves both businesses and freelancers time by handling research and communication for all parties involved. Since its start, RSCHire has provided free resources for its subscribers, positioned themselves as experts within the industry, and has made restaurant tech feel approachable and tangible for the modern day restauranter.




From the beginning, RSCHire’s main focus has been on streamlining the recruiting process for both freelancers and businesses so they have more time to focus on other professional goals. RSCHire believes that recruiting should be simple, quick, and mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

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The solution

Utilizing their vast network of Food & Beverage industry professionals, RSCHire has been able to bridge the gap between those seeking work and those needing workers. Through a comprehensive online survey, RSCHire has been able to learn important factors prior to pairing work relationships.. This step has proven fruitful for the success of our talent pool and restaurant partners.

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