Tijoh is a digitally minded organization that explores and challenges what it means to be an online brand or identity. Each brand under Tijoh focuses on finding remedies for common pain-points experienced by those who venture into the online space. Tijoh believes in making mistakes to find the next generation of solutions. Among its brands, includes: 5&5, Balanwork, Design All Things, RSCHire, and United States of Kawaii, among others.

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The digital space is still in its infancy; there are possibilities that have yet to be explored and Tijoh aims to lead the discovery of such opportunities and solutions. Tijoh’s philosophy is one of continued learning and experimentation. Through discovery of industry pain-points, innovative ideas, creative strategies, and a little bit of luck, Tijoh serves as an incubator of new ideas.

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The Outcome

In its portfolio, Tijoh has had successes and opportunities of learning. The star is 5&5, a provider of digital technology and marketing solutions for restaurants, has disrupted the Food & Beverage industry in just two years.

Tijoh has also experimented with opportunities provided by traditional e-commerce sites while mapping out strategies for new ways of online shopping. Notable brands include United States of Kawaii and Balanwork. 

Through experimentation, not every endeavor will be successful but every exploration allows us to learn and grow. Such opportunities were experienced with Autobrander, Design All Things, and Namesnaps. While these brands didn’t reach the full potential we originally believed, we learned more about print-on-demand work and pain-points within the design industry. With these learnings, Tijoh looks forward to releasing a new solution to address some of these challenges.

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