United States Of Kawaii

Kawaii is a Japanese word meaning ‘cute.’ The kawaii aesthetic has been a cultural movement in Asia for decades, but it hasn’t made a huge impact in the states. The goal of United States of Kawaii is to bring the love for all things cute, to an American audience. Utilizing a blend of relatable characters, easy to read and inspirational content, frequently updated product offerings, and influencer partnerships, United States of Kawaii is making kawaii relatable to everyone.

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Why kawaii?

The real question is, why not kawaii? Kawaii, by definition means cute, and cute things have been relatable to an American audience for a long time, but the way we engage with ‘cute’ hasn’t been explored to its full potential. Through the use of cute characters, it is easy for individuals to self-identify with one or more of these creations which helps to build self-worth and community.

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United States of Kawaii seeks to make ‘cute’ a common topic of conversation like it is in Japan and other areas of the world. ‘Kawaii’ has made difficult topics, such as mental health, personal identity, and relationships easier to discuss. These areas of conversation still have a stigma attached to them here in the States, and USK hopes to make these conversations easier to explore.

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